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Saturday the 6th of October 2012

10:32:11 AM

Meet and Greet Wowos Club President - Ditaba Moeketsi

Morning Family

What a day is was yesterday @Square Time. We had a great afternoon & like wise The President's needs were taken care of at every level. I am sure if we were to compare notes with Umnumzana Msholozi he would be jealous. 

Mr. Founder took care of us & he was at his best making sure we laugh & enjoy his presence so is everyone who was there. We might also have another international at Wowos as a member if things go accordingly as discussed & agreed yesterday. 

Great food, great topics mixed with beautiful ladies of Wowos. What a combination. Walala - wasala. 

I am definitely looking forward to the 23rd November @Lady T's place. Hopefully more members will join us. 

Enjoy your weekend. On my way to a weeding in Rustenburg.

Ditaba Moeketsi 
The President
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