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Saturday the 24th of August 2013

07:06:43 PM

The reason why we are occupied is because of our own fault

From: Muzi Ngema 
Date: Thursday 06 May 2010 6:55 PM


We perhaps have to accept that the reason why we are occupied is because of our own fault, it’s our own fault that the world has treated us in the harshest sense, without the world having to occupy us and take more from us, we may not survive a year.


It means that from this very second we ought to change our view towards each other, build a true state of economy yabamyama, circulate the rand in our communities and continent, built our caring and safe communities and society, shape up our technical arsenal that will respond to our needs in areas such as health, education, engineering , explore our own minerals, convert them to final products and export to the world too, put something away for our future, bank in our own banks, build our own cars and trains, aeroplanes, roads, rails and dams. Manufactures needles, medicines, technologies and sell to the world too.


And all these institution to function in carrying manner that will respond to our own needs and to the world for exports purpose.


Is it hard, to start doing these things and not limited to compared to wasting time trying to live up to standards imposed only on us? Please anyone tell me that wowos club with its intellectual capacity can at least take a lead in the road taking abamyama to this dream land?


Nelson Mandela said freedom in my life time, I say self reliance to abamyama in my life time.



Muzi Ngema

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